E.C. Herbert is an Associate Member of the

Western Writers of America (WWA)

Elmer, better known as Al to associates and friends, was born in a little town in central Florida known as Polk City in 1950.


He grew up moving between Florida and New Hampshire. In his youth he enjoyed playing cowboys and Indians and watching westerns on TV such as, The Lone Ranger, Rawhide, Roy Rogers, The Rifleman, Maverick, Tombstone, and several others. As he grew older he put aside this enjoyment for other interests.


Traveling through the Southwest on business he realized he was in the part of the country that he loved as a youngster.  This sparked a renewed interest in the Old West.


Getting down-sized and out of work with time on his hands, Al started to read “dime store westerns” and was transported back to those days. His most read author is Ralph Compton. His interest in reading soon led to a desire to write.  “New Dawn at Twin Arrows” was his first novel.


Ghost Riders of Bloody Creek follows his love for the old west.  “I was born a century too late.” Al confesses. “I would have loved to have walked the streets with my childhood cowboy heroes.”


Al’s, hopes & prayers are that you all enjoy his writings.

E.C. Herbert

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