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 Kindle Fire - Charles Castell


5.0 out of 5 stars. Not that it has any bearing, but I am impressed that Mr. Herbert is a fellow Floridian by birth. I have been privileged to visit his hometown on more than one occasion. He is an excellent author and the descriptiveness of his stories are both heartwarming and enlightening.


January 27, 2018

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

Five stats and more is all I can say. A very adventuresome story that touches the heart and soul of his readers. I am very impressed with the selection of the times and places, as well as the endearing selection of his main character, Harry Finch, US Marshal.

The storylines are very well thought out, and the characters are very entertaining. The stories are easily read and Mr. Herbert has an excellent rendition of storytelling abilities that touches the reader's very soul.




Martha Catoe Peebles


5.0 out of 5 stars - Showdown At Christmas Creek

December 16, 2017

Format: Kindle Edition


What a great read, the author makes you feel like you are right there watching it all take place. I really enjoyed this book, thank you, Mr. Herbert, for an awesome read.







5.0 out of 5 stars great author.

August 17, 2017

Verified Purchase

read this book. great author.





Herbert tells his tale in very short chapters, switching from one set of characters to another chapter by chapter, often leaving them in perilous situations or with a question that needs answering. This ensures the reader will keep turning the pages and thus makes this a very hard book to put down.Full of action, historically accurate, this book proves to be a very entertaining read indeed that has left me eager to read ALL of E.C. Herbert's books.   David Chwalibog - Milford, MI




Dear Mr. Herbert, I may need to remind you who I am. We met at a Holiday Inn and you gave me a copy of "Bounty Hunter" and I had you sign it. You gave me your email to send you my comments... I am late responding. I was not able to read the book for about a week after I returned to Rock Island TN due to my stepfather has been in and out of hospitals. But as soon as I started, oh I did not want to ruin the book so I bought a copy on my Kindle. I LOVED it...... I still to this day remember all the character's and think about the book..... You are an Excellent writer.... I can't wait till I get more time on my hands because I am going to read all your books.... And yes I can see "Bounty Hunter" as a movie or a series..... I feel very fortunate to have met you in person... I tell everyone about your book.. You Rock... Sorry I am late in responding... I read the book about 3 weeks ago but I wanted to send you a response when I had time to sit down and write you. My stepfather has still been in and out of the hospital. He is 90 years old and still takes care of himself does not need a cane but is just getting a little slow.... I am glad that I am writing you this because it just made me realize that I can give him my paperback that you gave me to read... I was saving it but what a better place to go. He has excellent eyesight and loves to read... Again, thank you, thank you.... Sincerely yours, Connie S. Von Hopffgarten P.S. I am looking forward to your next book... Connie Von Hopffgarten






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