Between the White Line and the Fence Post - Excerpt




There has never been a Decade in the US history so defined by so many different events as the 1960’s.    


We experienced the assassination of President John F Kennedy, Robert F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King Jr., Medger Evers and Malcom X.

The world stood in fear as the Cuban Missile Crisis loomed. The Viet Nam war was going on, and still, we all cheered as we landed a man on the Moon. Great jumps in electronics and communications. The medical world with the first heart transplant and the pill. And for the first time sports were played on faux grass known as Astro Turf. The civil rights movement, feminist movement, gay rights movement, all were happenings in the 60’s.


Music would know a drastic change as we were invade by the Beatles as part of the British Invasion. The music world would explode with new sounds, and culminate at WOODSTOCK.  Pot and LSD were drugs of the day. But the HIPPIE CULTURE embraced them all and the one I write about in this book. Colorful clothes, long hair and beards, free love, drugs. If you could think it, well, it happened here in the 60’s. Baby Boomers came about because of the 60’s.


The events written about in this book were lived first hand by myself and my traveling, best friend as we hitch hiked through the US in search of happenings of the day. Events are written from memories which at times were clouded over with drugs at hand. BETWEEN THE WHITE LINE AND THE FENCE POST refers to that section of road often called the break down lane or shoulder. Here you could stand legal with thumb extended. Behind that white line wasn’t considered part of the highway, cross it and you could be in trouble with “THE MAN.” From the east coast to the west coast from north to south if it was happening, we were there and survived to tell our stories.





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