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Death Rides The 401


William O’Toole, an ex-gunfighter and now ex-worker for the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad, was fed up with the way the railroad workers were being underpaid and mistreated by the company. Something had to be done, and he was the man to see that it got done. O’Toole began, in early July of 1877, to rally the workers into a strike, to force the heads of the B & O Railroad to give them fair pay for the work they’d been doing for years. Benjamin Pike, hired by the B & O Railroad to head off an impending worker’s strike, couldn’t believe his luck when he received a telegram from former Confederate Major Randall McMasters. McMaster, simply known as ‘Major’ after the war, had also heard whispered rumors of an upcoming strike and saw it as a way to make some good money. Both O’Toole, along with trusted men hired to guard him, and Major McMasters, with his own hand-picked band of Regulators and a Pinkerton detective hired to stay in the shadows and guard him, boarded the 401, one of the locomotives owned by B & O, and headed out for Pittsburgh from Martinsburg, West Virginia. Each man had an agenda. One to bring the B & O Railroad to its knees, the other to stop an impending bloody war.

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The Life and Legend of Klondike Dave

Canadian laws sure were different from those in the states, and for the bounty hunter Dave Moreau it proved darn right disgusting, for all an outlaw had to do was cross the border into Canada where he couldn’t be followed or extradited from, as Canada had a law against bounty hunting also.

So Dave moved to Canada where joined the Northwest Mounted Police, and under cover of the red coat, he had an answer. He would double as a Mountie, and bounty hunter.

Klondike Dave, they called him, and everyone loved him and supported him as trading post owners were tired of the US outlaws coming into Canada and having their own way, and the Mounted Police not being able to stop them.

Before long, word about the Mounted Policeman Dave Moreau spread across Canada, and would end up being heard by the editor of the Billings Gazette, Conrad Buckley who decided to write short stories about the ROGUE MOUNTIE who tossed law to the wind and would immortalize him in the history books.

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Read the US Marshal Harry Finch a Texas Lawman Series in its entirety

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US Marshal Harry Finch was a no-nonsense ex-gunfighter noted for his tenacity when it comes to tracking down, and bringing in the bad guy.

Harry Finch was the Wyatt Earp of his days. Stone-faced, faster, and more accurate than most, he vowed to clean up his territory so those who chose to live there would be safe from harm.

Follow the adventures of US Marshal Harry Finch threw the pages of these stories.


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