Finch US Marshal -  The Engraver - Excerpt


Chapter 1



Unlocking the door to his Washington, DC. Office, the first thing to catch US Marshal Harry Finch’s eye was the white envelope on the floor. Bending down he picked it up and flipped it over in his hands looking for any markings. There were none.

The next thing Harry did was to remove his brand new gray Stetson hat and flipped it through the air in the direction of the hat and coat rack. This was something his father had done for years when he came home from work.

Harry watched as his hat caught a peg and spun around a couple of times than stopped leaving his hat beautifully hung on the rack just like his dad’s would be. If anyone was there when he did this, they would have noticed his usual stern looking face turn into a small smile as he remembered his dad. As quickly as the smile appeared, it disappeared. Harry wasn’t noted as a person that smiled or laughed a lot.

Harry’s dad was also a US Marshal but he had suddenly died while in the field on assignment three years back. Harry found out later that his dad wasn’t well and never should have been working in the first place.

Harry’s mom had done the un-thinkable. One day while he was in school and his dad at work, she packed a suitcase, left them both a good-bye note and disappeared never to be heard from again.

After his mom had left, Harry watched as his dad, once full of life, spiraled downhill.

 The only right thing his dad had done at this time was to make sure he finished his schooling, especially after Harry had voiced a desire to follow in his shoes and become a US Marshal.

Harry had hoped that he might even become his dad’s partner someday and they would get a chance to track down some bad guys together.

Although he never achieved being partners with his dad, he did work in the field with him on a couple different occasions. He remembered standing up straight and looking proud when his dad would introduce him to one of his colleagues.

Harry was told by those who knew his dad that those times they worked together were the happiest anyone could remember seeing him.

“Well, dad. Here I am, just like you. You didn’t know it but I was awake all those mornings you came into my room and gave me a kiss on the forehead, and as you got to the door on your way out stop and whisper, I love you, son.”

Snapping out of the daze he was in, Harry walked over to his desk and tossed the envelope on it. Next he walked over and raised the window letting in some of the fresh morning air of which he took in a couple deep breaths.

Just as Harry turned and started to walk back to his desk, the office door opened and in walked Conrad Johnson.

Conrad was a Deputy US Marshal and had been assigned to work alongside Harry to locate where and by who was responsible for the latest run of counterfeit currency.

Conrad had jumped at the opportunity to once again be working with Harry.

“Morning Conrad.” Said Harry, extending his hand toward Conrad who grasped it and shook it in the classic hello. “What brings you here so early?”

“Couldn’t sleep.” He said. “What about you?”

“Me either.” Harry replied.

Noticing that Conrad held a small coffee tray with two cups of coffee on it, Harry asked, “is one of those for me?”  “Sure is.” Conrad answered, handing one of the cups to him. “Hot, sweet and black just like you like it.”  Taking the cup offered to him, Harry took a sip of the hot liquid.

“Gosh that’s good.” Said Harry. “I’m glad we have this time to work together again.”

Taking another sip, Harry asked, “How long has it been anyways? A couple of years now?”

“Yes sir.” A broad smile came across Conrad’s face remembering that first meeting they had to see if they liked each other. They were going to have to work closely together and that could mean days or weeks of living together in hotel rooms, dining and traveling. There would be very little times where they would be on their own.

Noticing the smile on Conrad’s face also brought one to his.






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