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New Dawn at Twin Arrows


Overview: Growing up, Clarisse Ferris never expected the focus of her life would be vengeance. A child of a close family in the small town of Twin Arrows, Arizona, she knows that her life may be hard, but it turns out harder than she ever imagined. She and her sister, Savannah, have honorable, hardworking parents. Their mother owns a saloon known as the High Heel Lady, and their father is the town sheriff. But one tragic day in the late 1800s, when the ...




Ghost Riders of Bloody Creek


Overview: In the late 1860s, Idaho City is the largest city in the American Northwest, a bustling mecca for those toiling away in the hot sun, desperate to find the next big strike of gold and a few nightly comforts. The men and women of Idaho City, eager for their own share of that hard-fought golden treasure, do their best to serve the needs of the frontier, but as in any boom town, there are those who wanted to make quick money free from the burden of an honest day’s work.




Bounty Hunters


Overview: At the conclusion of the Civil War in 1865, RJ Murdock is looking for direction. His family’s home was destroyed during the war, his siblings are long gone, and other business interests haven’t panned out. RJ and his buddy Calvin McCoy concoct a plan to head to Deadwood, South Dakota, a lawless boomtown where mining for gold has become big business.Along the way, the two discover that bounty hunting and its ensuing reward money can be a lucrative—but dangerous—endeavor. With a few bounty hunting tips in their arsenal, the two keep their eyes out for the faces portrayed on the reward posters tacked up in each town. RJ and Calvin find themselves traveling on Charlie Utter’s wagon train and meet up with their war buddy, “Mad Man Micah,” who, during the Civil War, was one of Quantrill’s Raiders.



No Man's Land


Overview: Brigham Young had been chosen as the new leader of the Mormon Church after the murder of Joseph Smith. One of Young’s directives would be to lead his followers to a land where they could live without being persecuted for their beliefs. In 1847, Randy Maxwell and his wife Annabelle were part of the wagon train of pioneers.


Choosing not to settle in the Salt Lake Basin with the others, Maxwell continued north to a place called Jackson Hole. He purchased several thousand acres of land that bordered a river where he established the Triple R Ranch. His parcel also abutted land owned by Frank Dalton who had ventured there a year earlier. At the time, the two men entered into a gentlemen’s agreement regarding a 500-acre piece of pasture that contained a natural spring. But with no deed or witness to the gentlemen’s handshake deal, when times get tough the open pastures would give way to gunpowder and barb wire fences and a bloody and contentious feud developed.





Finch US Marshal - The Engraver


Overview: Unlocking the door to his Washington, DC. Office, the first thing to catch US Marshal Harry Finch’s eye was the white envelope on the floor. Bending down he picked it up and flipped it over in his hands looking for any markings. There were none.

The next thing Harry did was to remove his brand new gray Stetson hat and flipped it through the air in the direction of the hat and coat rack. This was something his father had done for years when he came home from work.

Harry watched as his hat caught a peg and spun around a couple of times than stopped leaving his hat beautifully hung on the rack just like his dad’s would be. If anyone was there when he did this, they would have noticed his usual stern looking face turn into a small smile as he remembered his dad. As quickly as the smile appeared, it disappeared. Harry wasn’t noted as a person that smiled or laughed a lot...





Between the White Line and the Fence Post


Overview: There has never been a Decade in the US history so defined by so many different events as the 1960’s. We experienced the assassination of President John F Kennedy, Robert F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King Jr., Medger Evers and Malcom X.

The world stood in fear as the Cuban Missile Crisis loomed. The Viet Nam war was going on, and still, we all cheered as we landed a man on the Moon. Great jumps in electronics and communications. The medical world with the first heart transplant and the pill. And for the first time sports were played on faux grass known as Astro Turf.  The civil rights movement, feminist movement, gay rights movement, all were happenings in the 60’s. Music would know a drastic change as we were invade by the Beatles as part of the British Invasion...





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